«This Exhibit tells a beautiful story about how life moves thru color, space and time . From the birth of a Bee to the big migrations of the oceans and throughout the stars».

In auspicious collaboration with B8 studios ,Miami Design Shop and the cordiality of : B,S,K,D,J,H,P,M Miami FL, MMXIX AF.

Angelov Franco is a Colombian contemporary multimedia Artist. His artistic process began during childhood through frequent exposure to comic books, cartoons and illustrated books. Now, his primary source of inspiration for his richly diverse subject matter comes from maintaining a vivid imagination. His art is characterized by intricate lines, contrasting shapes, and bold compositions.

Mr. Franco is the recipient of an Artist excellence  Award from the TNC  of New York, NY. The juror: Carolyn Rattclife stated.  “Angelov Franco demonstrates a highly developed sense of figurative art and composition and a keen attention to detail. He illuminates qualities that often go unnoticed by the casual observer.”

He has exhibited his art work in group exhibitions and solo shows including the Gwangju International Contemporary Art «2015» exhibition in Gwangju, Korea , in which he received a welcoming review from the art critics.The Newark Art Museum NJ , Princeton University NJ , The lavomatik Gallery Paris France ,Scope Miami/NYC and many other Art fairs and exhibits Around the world.

His art work is in many private residences throughout the U.S. and Other countries, around the planet in several public collections including the TNC NYC , Charity water and the girls club NYC , among others. He  studied at the Art Students League of New York. 
Currently working with Beautify eath .org , Flying high for Haiti .org and as a guest Artists at the Miami Design Shop .

Upcoming  Exhibition:   Los Angeles, California.  June 28 /2019

Is a story of colors and vibration «Carrousel of Shiny Stars» represent A tribute to  Migration throught the Oceans, The Reefs and The Connection to the Stars» Mix Media on Wood panels.

Angelov Franco est certes brut et naïf dans sa démarche mais il travaille pourtant comme un
dentelier. Les détails sont délicats et attrapent le spectateur pour mieux le perdre au fil des points de
L’entrée dans son cosmos est immédiat également du fait du format circulaire.
Le Mandala lumineux et riches en couleurs chaudes convoquent les esprits de légendes maîtres,
Dubuffet, Haring ou encore Basquiat. Mais il ouvre également une porte vers ceux qui dansent la
Samba, une fenêtre entre-ouverte «  à l’espagnol » sur les terrasse de Sao Paulo, laissant ainsi passer
un léger brouaat et nous berce aussi tranquillement que la brise qui nous caresse.
-Farrah Bencheikh-

Tony Schafrazzi Was an artist who Was a painter Opened gallery Found my old friend Kieth Haring So it’s good to wear a few hats To protect from getting burned Angelov Franco.
-Owen Morrel-

Murals, canvas and paper does not matte

Photo by Mark Diamond


Music by the talented DJ S☆l-Rack, L.A. California


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